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HDPE Pipes
Lesser joints of our HDPE pipes permit for quicker and progressively proficient establishment, less water powered contact, and less opportunities for spillage. These pipes are hard to touch off and won't keep burning without an outside start source.
HDPE Coil Pipe
The unconstrained start temperature of our HDPE coil pipe range is 450°C. The physical properties permit designers a high level of opportunity when structuring new items and creating arrangements where this range functions as a substitution or repair material.
Irrigation Pipe
Our irrigation pipe range is normally provided in different lengths to the customers. This lessens the quantity of joints required as contrasted and other pipe items.
Sprinkler Pipe
Our sprinkler pipe’s flexibility is reflected in the extensive variety of uses it is found in, for example, cables, pipes, window, agricultural devices and much more. It is strong and durable in nature.